the bikini body guide (BBG)

the bikini body guide (BBG)

cheesing so hard after 24 weeks
cheesing so hard after 24 weeks

I will be starting my 3rd round of BBG on Mon, Feb 22. Do you care to join me? I liked my experience with this program, even if my progress was slow. I’m so proud I was able to stay committed! It really helps that there is a set workout and that it was do-able at home for a majority of the program. I won’t be sharing any progress photos here, since the lighting and timing is not consistent, thus change is really noticeable, haha! This is the timer I use at home on my laptop and on this app my Android phone.

bbg 12 week exercise program e-book

BBG (Bikini Body Guide) is a 12-week program by Kayla Itsines . It has 30 minute workouts for Mon, Wed, and Fri that target all parts of your body. The off days are for you to do cardio, light intensity, high intensity, and stretch. (You can obviously switch the days around that work into your schedule.) There is also a separate guide for Part 2 (weeks 13-24) and nutrition.

I started on August 24, 2015 after my cousin received it from her friend. It has been 24 weeks since the beginning and I did the entire 12-week program twice, ending on Fri, Feb 5, 2016 (no break in between). The first 8 weeks were done at home and we video chatted. The last 4 weeks were at the gym since we needed Bosu Balls and more steps. Great timing because I got a one-month pass for her!

Are there results? Yes. I am stronger arm muscle weight training. I can do 10 push ups in a row. My arms aren’t exactly at 90 degrees, but I can do it. And I can do sit ups. (Surprise surprise, I was never able to do one without my feet being held down by something). Just for background, before this program, I went to the gym often and took a bunch of group fitness classes (Zumba, total body training, etc).

Did I lose weight? Maybe. My weight fluctuates a few pounds. In Sep 2015, I was 110.1 pounds and in Feb 2016, I am 107.8 pounds average. Here is my weight chart based on a 7:25 am weight measurement almost every morning recorded in my Fitbit:

winnie’s fitbit weight graph

I also didn’t take any measurements of the rest of my body because I am not trying to shrink into a smaller clothing size. Maybe I’ll do that this time around just to blog about it, ha.

BBG Food Plan
a 1,600 daily calorie guide, as I learned from watching YouTube reviews

Did I follow the food program too? No. I generally eat healthy except for when I eat sweets, haha. I also drink wine, so… definitely not a clean eater, but I do load up on vegetables as much as possible. In fact, from doing a Google search to find the logo images, I stumbled upon some example food guides –>

Did I do anything extra? I don’t really think so. For my LISS (low intensity steady state) sessions, I was on the elliptical most of the time and counting long walks as LISS. I also did a few NYSC classes (Zumba and total body conditioning) and some other boutique classes (ex: SoulCycle and Fhitting Room).

What else? I took breaks to catch my breath whenever I needed to. I couldn’t do all the reps in one sitting. I did not do ANY jump lunges since I did not want more impact on my knee (since I feel that I lose my form while doing this).

More About Kayla Itsines

Kayla ItsinesKayla Itsines (it-seen-ness) is from Australia. Her family is from Greece. She completed her Australian Institute of Fitness Master Training Program around 2008. She wrote the e-book fitness program with her partner’s (Tobi Pearce) company, Fresh Fitness Solutions, as well as with other health professionals. Kayla was featured on the Women’s Health UK Dec 2015 cover (read more), won Cosmo Australia 2015’s Social Media Star of the year (read more), and other awards.

While Googling images for the BBG logo, I stumbled upon a ton of bad reviews of the BBG program on YouTube, including the response from DurianRider & BananaGirl after Kayla sued them for defamation (that Kayla starves her fans with a low calorie diet and that her partner is on steroids). The case is now settled.

The BBG Community

What is great about this program is the #bbgcommunity that formed. I don’t think Kayla ever thought that her program would be all over Instagram. People are positive and will stick up for you when mean people comment, they will support you and motivate you when you are feeling down, and they are absolutely honest with their progress, food, and photos. And as much as photos do not paint the best picture and that it’s tough to not compare yourself, the #bbgcommunity is all about “progress is progress” and “everybody’s body is different.” I read a great post the other night–a #bbggirl said something along the lines of, “why would you want someone else’s body? It’s great you guys say #bodygoals to me but everyone is different and you will set yourself up for failure if you want to look like someone else.” So amazing. I forgot what account this is.

I think the scariest part of sharing your fitness journal online is:
1. You are basically wearing underwear in the progress photos and you pray pray pray to the internet gods that no one you know IRL (in real life) will find it. Also, your fitness selfies and all that? Totally unfiltered with stray hairs and dripping sweat. So, a normal beach photo, haha
2. You open yourself up and allow yourself to be vulnerable, showing all your insecurities.
3. You hope no one takes a bajillion screenshots and catfish / pretend to be you (but this can happen on any social media platform). This happens. I’m sure a ton of the comparison photos are stolen and put on scammy diet pill accounts.

The best part of sharing it is:
1. You find a supportive group of #bbggirls who can eventually become friends IRL. I am attending the NYC BBG Meetup on Sun, Feb 28 so I am STOKED to meet fitness friends!!
2. It goes beyond “likes” because the comments are super motivating at times hooray, or you just need someone to talk to about it, haha.

Thank goodness, Instagram finally rolled out multiple accounts on Feb 8, 2016. It was such a hassle to log in and out of my accounts.

Things I Wish I Did More Of

1. Take more pics – as I mentioned, pictures don’t tell the entire story, but it helps to see it and motivate yourself to push through another workout. And take them in the same outfit at the same time with the same amount of lighting. My photos are very different from one another, so I couldn’t really tell of any change the first 8 weeks.
2. Take more videos – this really helps to see how much you’ve improved in terms of FORM. Form is sooo important, more so than getting through reps.

But taking pics and videos at the gym is super awkward. I never brought my phone into the gym area until I started BBG. I always left it in my locker and was distraction-free during my workouts.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to find more workout buddies for BBG! Round 3 starts on Mon 2/22. I will be going to NYSC but I can totally video chat you and hold you accountable when you pick your workout time ♥️️.

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