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first time investor

first time investor

Here’s a situation that myself and peers are in right now, given that we graduated 1-3 years ago and have some money to spare. We want to save and invest… so, the big question is, how do you start?

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for your loss or headaches (but you can share gains with me, haha :D). Seek professional financial advice if you really need it.

Being an investor is all about the risk you want to take. How fearful of you of losing money? Have you ever went to a casino and sat down at a card table game and lost? Did you feel bad or did you think you could try again to win?

The simplest things you can do to invest your money is to:

  1. Open a savings or CD account
  2. Put money into your company’s retirement account
  3. Open a separate retirement account
  4. Buy equities (or stocks)
  5. Buy life insurance
  6. Start an education savings fund

Keep in mind that there are many many investments outside of this list that I do not know (since it’s outside of my risk profile).

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fitness rewards apps

fitness rewards apps

[EDIT: Sep 2017] Pact App has discontinued as of mid-July 2017. No more rewards for working out 🙁 . Also, Wellcoin was buggy for me since Jan 2017, so I have NO IDEA if the app is still active. I couldn’t reset my password on both the app and desktop site.

If you’re into fitness, wellness, or need some motivation to be more wellthy, here are two apps I think are awesome because you get rewards for working towards your best self:

Pact App

In summary, you wager $5 for each activity you will complete, whether it’s gym or fruit/veggie. If will earn $ for the promises you keep and lose $5 for each promise you break. Ex: if you promise to do gym 5x and veggie 5x, but you only did gym 4x, you will owe $5.


In summary, you log all your wellness activities, from sleep to food to exercise to buying groceries, etc. Each activity belongs to one of the five categories. Each category has a max # of wellcoins you can earn each day. You redeem wellcoins in the marketplace (granola bars, fitness classes, retail discounts, etc) and get entered automatically into weekly and monthly raffles for Amazon/Target giftcards.

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saving tips

saving tips

I grew up being told to save, save, save, because it’ll be good for the future. We all know how tough saving can be with the bajillion things we want to do. So, here are some ways you can save money without trying too hard:

1. Use Ebates (sign up herea). Ebates gives you a percent back on your online purchase on many websites. You can easily earn 1% – 10% back on things you are already buying. I usually check Ebates before any purchase, but to really save more time, you can install their button/plug-in here (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari) so if you go on a website that is on Ebates’ list, it will tell you to turn “Cash Back” on. Ebates will send you a check every quarter if you reach their minimum cash back amount.

2. Use UPromise (sign up here). The purpose of this website is to save for college. However, you can have the savings sent direct to your checking account (after you meet the minimum amount). Sometimes, UPromise has better % back than Ebates, so it’s better to use it. UPromise also has the browser toolbar to detect if the website has cash back. The awesome plus about UPromise is that it can earn $ back from your dining and auto gas expenses–just remember to add your credit and debit cards (and other cards of your family if you want to benefit from their purchases too!). If your credit card is already linked to a dining or rewards program (such as Hilton Honors rewards dining, then it will not work for UPromise).

3. Use Acorns. This app rounds up your daily expenses to the nearest dollar and sends it to your savings account. You can set up saving goals for yourself. Another feature is putting a lump sum and having their technology help you grow it. I personally do not use Acorns but have heard great things about the saving feature, since you do not even realize you are saving.

4. Use RetailMeNot. This website lists discount codes of online retailers. Some codes do not work, so just try ’em until they do.

5. Use LevelUp. This is a payment app, so if you’re iffy about security, then this is not for you. The way this app works is that every time you spend money at a food & dining spot, you are logging loyalty dollars. Every vendor has a set amount of spend before you get $$ credit. Plus, your first time visit to new vendors that use LevelUp may have credit applied to your purchase! I have been a user since this came out for Gregory’s Coffee last fall. (Ex: Gregory’s Coffee is spend $50 for $5; Go Go Curry is spend $70 for $7; Fresh & Co is spend $100 for $9, etc. Can you tell what stores I like? Haha.)

a Sign up with my referral link, so you can help me while helping yourself 🙂